In Spain, football is played almost non-stop. Wednesday’s schedule will also be tight. The lion’s share of the schedule of the next knockout round is set for this time. And one of the most interesting pairings is Betisu vs Osasuna. Can the hosts cope with this opponent? Site experts predicted an interesting match on January 18, 2023.

Betis tries to keep pace

The Cucumbers, or rather their leadership, took a very confident step when Manuel Pellegrini returned to Spain in 2020. In the first year of work, the Chilean managed to bring the project back to European competition, in the next cycle he managed to advance to the play-offs of the Europa League at the same time and climb to 5th. Importantly, they won the cup – a long-awaited trophy. Now the logical next step would be to move up to the 4th “master” position in the example. And despite the decline in autumn, there is every chance for it. It is true that last week they were distracted by the Super Cup where they drew Barcelona in regulation and extra time but then lost on penalties.

Osasuna are trying to keep their European cup ambitions alive

The “Pamplona” under the command of Yagoba Arrasat not only immediately rose to the Example, but also confidently established themselves in the center of the “tower” table. There was an impression that at a new pace it would be possible to enter a qualitatively new level – return to European competitions. The fall segment turned out to be successful, but it was necessary to maintain the same high level, and that is difficult. First it was 0-2 against Real Sociedad, then only 0-0 at Athletic. And only Mallorca managed to beat, with a minimum score of 1-0. How will it be in the cup? They won before, but the rivals were very tolerable.

Previous matches

Osasuna last won in 2014. Then there were 9 wins for Betis with one draw.

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Match prediction

Betis, although they flew to the Middle East for the Super Bowl, had more time before this fight, and the rival was at home. We bet on the victory of “cucumbers” (coefficient – 2.05).

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