To draw

A two-goal loss is rarely made up for in European rematch matches. As such, Madrid goes just 1.05 as the winner of both matches of the quarter-finals. But it’s not about the handicap anymore, it’s about the fact that the Londoners themselves are unlikely to be able to win by even 1 goal difference, even at home. In Frank Lampard’s time as a footballer, it was realistic to beat any opponent with his fans, but when he became a coach, unfortunately his clubs are not capable of that. In addition, the current squad is unbalanced even under the rule of a former mentor, Frank himself is entrusted with the role of more than interim head coach, who is obliged to crawl at least until the end of the season on his current baggage.

Chelsea are heading into the upcoming clash with a 6-match winless streak in the Premier League and Champions League (2 draws and 4 defeats). Moreover, the Londoners lost in the championship not only to Real Madrid, but also to average villagers. At the same time, in the last 5 official matches, they managed to score a goal only against Brighton in the last matchday of the Premier League.

Madrid will certainly not be pressing their net to maintain a two-ball handicap. With Chelsea like this, it will be more comfortable to keep the ball more in the midfield and make sharp passes to high-scoring forwards. All in all, a draw will suit the guests, they go to England for it, but the hosts simply cannot afford more.