1st half: Portugal win with handicap (-2)
Corners: Portugal win with handicap (-7.5)
Match prediction Portugal - Liechtenstein on March 23

Last year I was able to watch Liechtenstein in World Cup qualifying matches more than once and in all matches the team was a “whipping boy”. In matches against the weakest European teams, Liechtenstein players simply couldn’t get through the middle of the pitch for 30 minutes and indeed the control of the ball was at an amateur level. Making 4-6 passes was a huge challenge; the so-called “hit and run” tactics. What can we say about the level of Liechtenstein, if the national team can lose 5-6 goals from Cape Verde or the Faroe Islands.

If we look at the composition of the Portuguese national team with one eye, we will see that in all positions – the leaders of the leading European football clubs. Portugal will play the first qualifying match at home. Cristiano Ronaldo is maximally motivated to prove to everyone that it is too early to write him off. I think Liechtenstein will get the full programme.

In my opinion, in this match you can also see a double-digit difference in scores – the level of rivals is so incomparable that it will not be a surprise to me. I will propose to consider different options for betting on Portugal by match and statistics, I expect at least 6 goals from the hosts.