1st half: Northern Ireland won with handicap (-1)
Prediction for the match San Marino - Northern Ireland on March 23
The level of players in San Marino has been known to everyone for a long time: the national team for the entire qualifying round is not able to score 1-2 goals. Every year you expect progress from the team, but there is none. Football in the country is basically not developing, and the talent itself is not growing, so you can’t expect anything new from San Marino this year.

Northern Ireland is a dark horse in every qualifying round; the core of the national team are players who play in the championship of England, there are also players from the Premier League. I think that such a strong European team should have no problems with amateurs from San Marino. The level of national teams is incomparable; the guests from the first minutes should be included in the game and already in the first half have a significant advantage in goals.