Cremonese to win or draw

Monza tries to keep possession of the ball as long as possible and plays combination football. In terms of the time of one possession (10.53 seconds), they are second only to Napoli, and in terms of the number of passes in this time, they are in 4th place.

This style allows you to create an average of 1.21 xg per match with 1.28 xg allowed.

The upcoming match may immediately miss 3 important players for the club: Dani Mota, Nicolo Rovel and Marlon.

Cremonese is one of the Serie A outsiders. With a probability of 98.7%, the team will start the next season in the second division (according to Opta).

After a sensational victory over Roma (2-1), the club suffered two defeats in a row. “Gray-reds” could not oppose “Sassuolo” (2:3) and “Fiorentina” (0:2). It must be taken into account that in both cases the Tigers were the best on the pitch in terms of expected goals scored (xg), but the realization of the chances created failed.

On average per game with a new coach, Cremonese creates 1.04 xg, with 1.6 xg allowed.

Despite the difficult situation, I think Cremonese will continue to fight to survive and to be able to take away the Monza points.