Disabled locomotive (0)

Pari NN is in a very difficult situation. After the resumption of the season, the team lost three matches in a row in the RPL, and in the last round against Torpedo (0:3) suffered a complete technical defeat. The coaching staff overlooked and released Mikhailov, who had 4 yellow cards and had to leave the game.

Due to the negative dynamics, the “residents” found themselves in the rate zone, and rumors appeared in the media about the search for a new coach by the club management.

Lokomotiv finished the autumn part of the championship in 14th place in the table, which resulted in staff changes. Mikhail Galaktionov was appointed as the head coach, and with the appearance of Pinyaev (4+2), Dziuba (4+1) and Glushenko (6+8), the rivalry in the attack also increased.

These changes had a positive impact on the club’s performance. After resuming the season, he scored 9 points out of a possible 9 and bounced back from the common zone by 3 points.

In the last match, the railwaymen showed character and won a decisive victory over Krasnodar (3:2). Scored 3 points in this style will seriously increase the players’ confidence in their own abilities.

I think there will be no surprises in this match, I assume that the favorite will be closer to winning.