Rayo Vallecano to win or draw

Valencia are trying to get out of the relegation zone with varying success. Given the extremely volatile performance, the team won’t be able to feel truly secure anytime soon, if ever. In their last five matches, Valencia won two times and lost three times. Before that, there was a long losing streak.

“Rayo Vallecano” has not been shining lately either. Now we have to try very hard to get into European competition next season. You can’t lose points to do this. It turns out that the capital team is not very good. Rayo Vallecano have recorded four draws and two defeats in their last six matches. Atlético Madrid will be next, so it’s better to score points now.

In the first round, Rayo Valcano won with a score of 2:1. I think it’s going to be a tough game now, as both opponents shouldn’t lose points. It is likely that the match will end in a draw, but if there is a winner, I think Rayo Vallecano has a better chance.