Total over 2.5

“Girona” is not distinguished by a stable game. After spectacular victories over Almería (6:2) and Athletic (3:2) he cannot win in the last three matches. The team’s most obvious problem is their defense, with only one of the 26 innings that managed to leave the goal intact.

The Girondins partially compensate for their mediocre defense (xga = 1.36) with a creative attack. Averaged 1.36xg per game, ranking 6th in the league. Viktor Tsygankov fit perfectly into the team, scoring three goals and providing the same number of assists in 451 minutes of play.

Espanyol prefers to play as second number, waiting for the most opportune moment to launch counterattacks. The team creates an average of 1.19 xg per game, with 1.3 xg allowed.

In the last three rounds, this tactic failed to bring the “parrots” the tournament dividends they coveted. They lost alternately to Valladolid (1:2), Real Madrid (1:3) and Celta (1:2).

In the upcoming match, Espanyol will not be helped by the main centre-back – Cabrera.

Both teams are not known for reliably close to goal, while Girona have enough attacking potential to create plenty of sharp chances.