Total over 2.5

“Spezia” may find itself in the relegation zone after this round, if it does not reverse the negative trend. This will be very difficult, because even the change of coach did not drastically affect the results. Under the leadership of the new coach Leonardo Semplici, the Eagles scored only one win out of 8 rounds, but there were also 2 defeats. (xga = 1.98).

“Monza” will not be motivated in this match either. Raffaele Palladino’s side crossed the 40-point mark thanks to victories over Fiorentina (3-2) and Inter (1-0) on the last two matchdays. This can lead to more experimentation with lineups and tactics on the part of the coaching staff, as well as looser behavior on the pitch.

On average, Brianzoli create 1.23xg per game, with 1.28xg allowed. A characteristic feature of the team is the combination style and high volatility in the last third.

I think the upcoming match can be productive. “Spezia” makes point errors too often, and “Monza” plays alone and allows the opponents to play.