Sweden wins with handicap (-2)

Sweden just started the selection disastrously. She lost to Belgium. To be precise, the Swedes were beaten by a man named Romelu Lukaku, who scored a hat-trick. Sweden has not found an answer to this, and even the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not help. Considering that there is still a very strong Austrian team in the group, the Swedes should try not to lose any more points.

Not winning Azerbaijan will of course be problematic. In the first round, the Austrians did not leave a stone unattended by the visitors (4:1). The League of Nations was not so bad, but even there Azerbaijan took second place, leaving behind Kazakhstan and did not advance. Of course, in this group, the maximum that Azerbaijan can count on is the fight with Estonia not to take the last place. In this particular match, Sweden will take a landslide victory.