Both teams to score + total over 2.5 – yes

Sassuolo plays open, expansive football at a fast pace. With this approach, Alessio Dionisi’s team creates many sharp chances (xg = 1.35) but pays with many errors in front of goal (xga = 1.3). However, this is enough to take a place in the middle of the Serie A table.

The rest of the season Black-and-Green will play without much tournament motivation. Theoretically, this would lead to more roster experimentation and more scoring matches.

Juventus are likely to take into account the high pace of the rival and will be forced to rotate to maintain the right level of competitiveness in a busy schedule. Only 3 days before this match, Massimiliano Allegri’s team played an important match against Sporting (1:0) in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

It is worth noting that the “old lady” style of play is to block low and play the second number with quick counterattacks. For this reason, Juventus will be stylistically comfortable to resist the high defense line (45.72 meters – 5th place) Sassuolo. On average, the club generates 1.48 xg per game, with 1.06 xg allowed.

Due to the rotation and the upcoming second leg against Sporting, Juventus will not be able to play at full capacity. Nevertheless, it will be comfortable for him to resist the aggressive Sassuolo. In the first round match, the opponents created 2.9 xg for two, I expect the situation to repeat itself.