Barcelona to win (women) handicap (-1)

Chelsea (Women)

Chelsea have already gone as far as they can for themselves. And in the quarter-finals I had to suffer with Lyon. Away, the team won 1-0; after that, it seemed that now she would close the series completely calmly, but at home it was extremely difficult: the players tied (2:2) and had to go beyond the regular time. It is for this reason that they had to give a lot of strength and emotion. In the semi-finals, such a situation can significantly affect the final result.

Barcelona (Women)

Barcelona is on a 16-fight winning streak. He is in excellent emotional and functional condition. The team will try to close the semi-finals relatively calmly in order to save more energy for the decisive series. And in the quarter-finals, the players acted with a solid margin of safety – they first defeated their rivals on the road (1:0), and then consolidated their success at home (5:1).


Chelsea are unlikely to survive another difficult round of the competition. I bet Barcelona will win with a (-1) ball handicap.