They both shoot – yes

Newell’s Old Boys

New Old Boys have had mixed success recently. The team has not been able to win any away matches, but in home matches it looks great. At home, the “red and black” won three “dry” victories in a row with a total score of 4:0. But he can’t do without misfires, the club unexpectedly lost to the team from Example C – Klaipole.

It is worth noting that Newell Old Boys are positively distinguished by their excellent defense (xga=0.81 – 2nd place), but they are not always able to create enough sharp chances in the opponent’s goal (xg=1.24).

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo started the season energetically. For 7 starting rounds, he was able to score 16 points out of a possible 21, with all victories achieved by a dry result. Błękitni Granat are at the peak of their form, in the last match they showed their best match against Gimnasia (4:0), scoring 2.11 xg with 0.55 allowed.

In terms of expected totals (xg = 1.61) and missed totals (xga = 1.19), San Lorenzo ranks 6th and 5th respectively in the league.


San Lorenzo are at their best and able to open the defense of a strong opponent, but given the involvement of the New Old Boys in home matches, I think the red and blacks can respond with their own ball.