Recall that before coming to Delray Beach, Fritz played three matches in Dallas, where he was stronger than his compatriots Juice and Chiron, but lost to the Chinese Wu Yibin. In Delray Beach, the American fought one fight with Ecuador Gomez. The match turned out to be not very long, it lasted an hour and a half, Fritz won 6:4, 6:3. During the match, Fritz hit straight with two double faults 11 times. Taylor scored 79% on the first serve and 45% on the second. Acceptance stats: 29%/58%, winner/enforcer stats 25/20. It is worth noting that Gomez, despite the defeat, fought a good fight qualitatively. Still, don’t forget that there’s a decent class difference between the guys.

Mannarino was also in Dallas and also lost in the quarterfinals to China’s Wu Yibin. In Delray Beach, the Frenchman played two matches, eliminating the German Altmayer and the American Wilk from the tournament. Wolf is currently ranked higher than Mannarino at 39th, but that didn’t help Jeffrey. Mannarino’s duel with Wolf lasted one hour and 48 minutes, 7:5, 6:2 in favor of Adrian. The Frenchman’s stats in this game: Aces/Doubles 9/1, Serves: 82%/45%, Tackles: 31%/48%, Winners/Executors 23/21.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Taylor Fritz 7 eleven 8 3
Adriana Mannarino 59 eleven 6 5

Fritz and Mannarino played each other three times, moreover, the advantage is on the side of the Frenchman 2:1. True, it is worth noting that Mannarino beat Fritz in 2016 and 2017, in Nottingham and Acapulco. In February 2022, Taylor took revenge in the same Acapulco in two sets, the match lasted an hour and a half, 6:3, 6:3 in favor of the American.

A victory in the Delray Beach tournament will significantly strengthen the American’s seventh position in the ATP rankings and bring him closer to Nadal and Rublev. These. We have no doubts about Taylor’s motivation, no one has canceled the fight for the best hands when seeding at major tournaments. Besides, Fritz certainly wants to win his first individual title in 2023. Let’s not forget that in 2022 Fritz won three trophies. Well, Mannarino is not a weak opponent having beaten the American twice in his career, but Adrian’s career is now on the verge of collapse, that’s obvious. We believe Fritz will get a landslide victory over the veteran Frenchman on Saturday night.

The main prediction is an exact score of 2-0 for 1.60