Daniil’s winning streak increased to 14 games in a row. Medvedev won tournaments in Doha, Rotterdam and Dubai. Thanks to such a spurt, Medvedev moved up to sixth place in the ATP rankings, ahead of his compatriot Andrei Rublev. We also note that Daniil again became the first racket of the country, ahead of the same Rublev whom Medvedev defeated in the final of the tournament in Dubai. By the way, Medvedev has not lost a single set in the United Arab Emirates, it is clear that the favorite of our couple is in great shape.

After losing in Melbourne at the Australian Open, the American played the tournament in Acapulco, from where he flew away after the second round, losing to McDonald’s. In the first round of Indian Wells, Nakashima defeated his compatriot John Isner in straight sets. The match against John lasted one hour and 39 minutes, 7-6, 6-3 in favor of Brandon. Over the course of the match, Nakashima threw six times with one double fault, scoring 85% on the first serve and 67% on the second. Reception stats: 22%/%, winner/executor stats 20/7.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Daniil Medvedev 6 21 19 2
Brandon Nakashima 48 5 2 3

Let’s start with the fact that Nakashima has match training at the tournament in Indian Wells, and besides, the American does not have to adjust to the time zone, unlike Daniil, who played in the tournament in Dubai last week. There is no doubt that Medvedev will beat Nakashima in the second round match, but there is no certainty that the upcoming meeting will be a piece of cake for the Russian. In addition, Nakashima is an unknown opponent for Medvedev, the guys have not met before. These. Medvedev will have to adapt not only to the time zone and range, but also to the opponent. The first bet gives you the option of a positive outsider handicap, but we generally look forward to a prolonged match.

The main prediction is for Nakashima to win with a (5.5) handicap of 1.70