The Milanese have set themselves up for an amazing comeback

Until recently, Olympia was definitely not on the list of contenders for the playoffs, hanging at the bottom of the Euroleague table, now everything has changed dramatically. The team delivered a shock of the segment with 7 wins in 8 matches, which allowed them to move up to 12th position, and most importantly, reduce the gap from the top eight to two wins. In the last meeting, the Milanese defeated away Fenerbahce by the score of 82:75. Reproducing two wins in five matches is difficult, but the team is now capable of feats. Five players will not help partners in this confrontation.

Bayern lost in the Euroleague

The German club has failed this season in the Euroleague, so they play without much enthusiasm. The team is 15th in the table, 4 wins behind the play-off zone. In the last match, the Bavarians lost at home to main rivals Alba with a score of 75:76, this defeat was the second in a row. There is a chance to achieve something in the home arena, where the team is third in the regular season, so it can fight for the championship in the future. The club has three personnel losses before this confrontation.

Match prediction

The favorites here are the hosts, which is quite logical, Olympia gathered courage and will try to catch up with the top eight. Bayern are not particularly enthusiastic, so the team may not play in full gear. This looks like a bet on the success of the Milan club with a handicap of -7.5 points.