Lecce with handicap (+1.5)

After 22 rounds, Atalanta shares the 3rd place in the table with Roma and Milan, overtaking them by additional indicators. On January 31, the team were knocked out of the Coppa Italia in the quarter-finals by Inter (0-1), allowing them to fully concentrate on Serie A.

“Goddess” is in great shape, apart from the only loss after the restart to “Sassuolo” (0: 1). In the 6 final rounds, they won 3 and drew twice with a total goal difference of 19:9.

Gasperini plays offensive vertical football. In terms of the speed of the ball moving to the opponent’s goal, the team ranks 5th in the league, and in terms of the expected number of goals scored (xg = 30) in 4th place.

Lecce takes a more wait-and-see approach and isn’t as aggressive in the final period. The team plays defensively and counterattacks with small forces, which affects the game. In terms of expected goals (xg = 17.5) they are last in Serie A, but they more than compensate for this with strong defense. In terms of the expected number of goals conceded (xga = 22.8), the Paprikans are ranked 6th.

“Yellow-reds” are not always able to tune in to an equal opponent, but in the clash with the leading teams they give their best. Of the top 6 clubs at the moment, they only lost to Inter (1-2) at home and Roma (1-2) away.

In the first round match, Lecce already beat Atalanta (2:1) at home. I assume that the “peppers” will defend themselves again.