West Brom win


Birmingham prefers to play the second number, giving the initiative to the opponent (42.5% possession). The Blues meet their opponent with pressure in the low and mid blocks, trying to force him to make a mistake. In the event of a return of possession, the team launches a quick counter-attack, as evidenced by the 5th place in the Championship for the speed of the ball traveling up the pitch.

However, Birmingham most often does not withstand the pressure of the enemy. In terms of the number of expected goals conceded (xga = 36.4) it ranks second to last.

Standards are the team’s main weapon. 10 goals (28.5%) out of 35 were scored exactly after realizing the advantage in this element of the game.

On the eve of this match, the Blues beat Swansea 4-3 on a hockey score thanks to goals in the 90th and 97th minutes. With this win, they broke a 5-straight losing streak.

West Bromwich

West Brom are one of the contenders for promotion at the end of the current season. After 29 rounds, the team is in 6th place in the table, which allows it to participate in the play-offs.

Carlos Corberan instills in club football the combination positional attack. In terms of the number of passes that advance the attack to the opponent’s goal (progressive pass = 1165), “bags” take 4th place.

In the last 6 games, the team lost only to the leader Burnley (1:2).

In terms of the number of expected goals scored (xg = 39.4) and conceded (xga = 28.6) goals, the club ranks 5th and 2nd respectively.


West Bromwich are in better form and are able to get even with an undeserved first-round defeat.