Dynamo Moscow Handicap (0)

Krylya Sovetov finished the autumn part of the championship in 11th place in the table with a 7-point advantage over the relegation zone and a goal difference of 20:25.

The team creates an average of 1.51 xg per game, with 1.34 xg allowed. It is worth noting that Samarans lost the most points in the league. Somewhere they made stupid, showy mistakes, but somewhere they lacked composure in the final phase. Such extravagance can play a cruel trick on the club. The fact is that in the off-season, the leaders of the attack – Pinyaev (3+2) and Glushenkov (5+6) left the team. The losses were partially offset by signing Pisarsky (14+2) from Oreburg and Benjamin Garre from Argentina Racing.

Dynamo ended the first round of the RPL much better. After 17 rounds, the team took 4th place in the table. He averages 1.47xg per match with 1.22xg allowed.

Unlike their rivals, the Blue and Whites retained the lead in the winter transfer window, which gives them a significant advantage.

During the break, the club played 8 friendly matches, of which only CSKA lost (1:2).

In the group stage of the Russian Cup, Dynamo won with 10 points.

Krylya Sovetov is unlikely to be able to compete with a more powerful and better-playing opponent at this stage. Registered newcomers still have to “grind” each other and increase the level of interaction.