Middlesbrough Handicap (0)


Middlesbrough play bright, attacking football. In terms of the number of expected goals scored (xg = 1.56), Boro is unmatched in the league, and the club ranks in the top five for the quality of defense (xga = 1.02). Of course there are duds, like the last game against Huddersfield (2-4), but that’s the exception rather than the rule. In the last 10-round stretch, the team lost only twice.

With 7 matches left in the league, Middlesbrough are 6 points off the promotion zone, so the motivation for the tournament in this match should be fine.


Burnley is the sole leader in the title race. The team broke away from the closest rival – “Sheffield” by 11 points, which practically guarantees its automatic promotion to the elite English league.

In their games, Vincent Kompany’s team is used to taking the initiative and dominating the opponent in every part of the pitch. This approach allows her to perfectly balance the game. In terms of the expected number of goals scored (xg = 1.42) and goals conceded (xga = 0.86), “bordo” ranks 3rd and 1st in the league, respectively.


I suppose in this match Burnley’s play may be affected by low tournament motivation. If in matches at home, the Bordeaux fans can rush them, then away they will be deprived of it. For example, in the last two away games, the team failed to significantly overtake the rival in xg.