Rubin’s victory

KAMAZ and Rubin’s PR specialists exchanged spikes before this match, and the management of the club from Naberezhnye Chelny swore that there was no doubt about any gift in the form of 3 points fighting for entry into the RPL in Kazan, despite the generally friendly nature of these derbies. But if we consider only the football aspects of this confrontation, the visitors are undisputed favorites and the odds of their victory still look valuable.

KAMAZ looks rather bad after the season resumes. The team from Naberezhnye Chelny failed to beat Ulyanovsk “Volga” (0-0), taking the last place in the tournament table at home, and lost away to Akron, which, although eliminating one Moscow team after the other Russia from the Cup, still remains in the group of FNL outsiders .

The class difference between the players of “Rubin” and “KAMAZ” is very large, besides, Utkulbaev was able to introduce discipline in his team, even the Kazan players admit in an interview that now “Rubin” does not run blindly if they are leading in the score, but play more pragmatically, and so far it is bearing fruit. Of course, “Rubin” may be a little disturbed by the imperfect quality of the turf today, but this circumstance in FNL may surprise few people, and the Kazan players play exemplary.