They both shoot – yes


If the team from Naberezhne Chelny counted on a serious participation in the fight for promotion, then at the end of the season it becomes clear that it is unlikely to threaten it. In the last 8 matches of the first league, they won only 1 victory. In the first round, KAMAZ drew with the main rivals from Kazan, but Rubin has changed a lot since then.


At least the Kazan club no longer feels like a team that barely manages to play at the lower league level. Now the battle for direct access to the Premier League should logically end in Rubin’s favour. The team is undefeated in 10 League One matches in a row, of which they won 7.


I think the visitors will win this match, but I suggest betting on goals. KAMAZ organized its previous home match specifically on the reserve pitch to prepare the pitch of the stadium in Naberezhnye Chelny for the match against Rubin. But you will still need to watch out for how good field coverage will be in mid-March. You might as well find the game very sticky. However, I think both teams will try to play forward, which gives us a chance to see goals from both opponents.