Total below 2.5

Lazio are 3rd in the Italian championship, but their position is rather precarious. Rivals Roma and Milan are hot on their heels, losing 1 point. On average per game, the team creates 1.33 xg with an allowable 1.11 xg, which is 6th and 5th in the league.
Eagles have been in good form lately. They managed to beat leaders Napoli (1-0) and also beat outsiders such as Sampdoria (1-0) and Salernitana (2-0).

AZ Alkmaar achieve their goal by pressing in the middle third of the pitch, which allows them to make effective use of the opposition’s transition phases. Thanks to the successful implementation of their style of play, the team set itself a fight for the Champions League zone, and the loss to the leading Feyenoord is only 5 points. Cheese growers produce an average of 1.6 xg per match, with 1.17 xg allowed.
In the last 3 games, AZ Alkmaar lost to Feyenoord (1:2) and did not convincingly defeat the weaker Vitesse (1:0) and Kambur (2:1), only 0.4xg ahead of them.

Defensively, Lazio look quite invulnerable. Out of the Eagles’ 14 wins this season, 12 have been dry, and in their last match against one of Europe’s best teams, Napoli, they allowed the opposition to create just 0.8 xg.

I think this match will be closed. Both teams will not be taking too many risks at this high stage of the tournament.