Victory of Verona

“Verona” clearly contributed to the defense of its own goal. In the last 6 games, they conceded only 4 goals and lost only to Inter (0:1). The beginning of this successful period coincides with the arrival of a new coach – Marco Zaffaroni.

The Italian specialist perfectly stabilized the game and was able to motivate the players. From the point of view of character and attitude, we can see a positive trend, as evidenced by the last match against Lazio (1:1). In it, the “yellow-blue” rebounded and had a chance to win.

Thanks to the 9 points gained, “Verona” managed to rebound from the bottom of the table and reduced the loss from the 17th place saver to 5 points.

After the resumption of Serie A, Salernitana has only one win over a rival at a comparable level – Lecce (2: 1) and a draw with Torino (1: 1).

In the remaining 4 matches, the “seahorses” lost with a total score of 3:15. It is worth noting the high level of the teams competing with them, which this season are fighting for European competitions.

Davide Nikola’s team is average in defense. In terms of expected goals conceded without norms (xg = 28.9) it ranks last in the championship.

In the upcoming match, two main defenders will be absent at the same time: Facio and Mazzocchi.

Verona, led by Zaffaroni, presents excellent results and is able to score maximum points in this meeting.