Leicester Handicap (0)

Leicester are in a difficult situation, having lost 8 of their last 9 matches and 1 draw. A winless streak led the team to second last place in the table, prompting the resignation of coach Brendan Rodgers. He was replaced by Dean Smith, who made his debut in the last round against Manchester City (1-3).

Despite the loss of points, the Foxes played a great match and were able to surprise the opponent by beating them in terms of expected goals (2.3: 1.6). However, due to the extravagance of the opportunities created, they turn their advantage into points.

Wolverhampton Wolverhampton under Julen Lopetegui operate in a pragmatic style and try to avoid excessive risk. Thanks to the game on goal, Wolves climbed to 13th place in the Premier League and broke away from the relegation zone in the class by 7 points.

Despite the result, the club cannot boast of an excellent game, especially in the last third of the field. With Lopetegui over 16 rounds, he’s averaging 1xg with a 1.54xg allowed per game.

It is worth noting that Wolverhampton managed only 2 wins in 8 away matches, but lost only to Newcastle (1-2), Liverpool (0-2) and Manchester City (0-3).

I suppose the new coach effect will still be in effect in this match. I think the Foxes will be able to take advantage of the imbalance in the visitors’ game.