Kings continue to amaze

Sacramento’s current third place in the West can be called, without exaggeration, a sensation, no one would be surprised if the team exaggerated in the top ten, but such a result is worthy of respect. The loss to the seventh round is 7 wins, the “kings” will not lose such a handicap in 11 matches, so they have one leg in the play-offs. In the last meeting, the team lost away to Utah by a score of 120:128, breaking a three-fight win streak. Due to damage, one player may leave this encounter.

The Celtics can qualify for the playoffs

In the NBA regular season, three teams, including Boston, have already secured a spot in the playoffs this season. The club is second in the East, two wins behind Milwaukee. In the last meeting, the Celtics lost away to Utah with a score of 117:118. The results show that the team does not always give its best, there are already thoughts about the play-offs. Five basketball players will not play at once due to injury.

Match prediction

On paper, Boston is considered a slight favourite, although this game, which no one wants to win at any cost, will feature the top teams in their respective conferences. When the result is not pressing, you can play casually, so we count on effective basketball, we score over 235.5 points in total.