Total below 2.5
Firstly, having arrived in Khimek, Talalaev, by analogy with the period at the head of the black and white, tried to at least minimally debug the game in defense and rebuild standard positions for himself. To the Moscow Region club’s credit, they were able to disable the attacking Wings players in their last match and take advantage of several clear scoring opportunities from set-pieces. After the game, new coach Chimek noted that he liked the way the attacking players (Guilherme and Mirzov) came on as substitutes, but were not in optimal physical shape.

Under Clotet, Torpedo played a little more lively at first glance, but perhaps the system in the activities of the car factory became even smaller. And the stakes of the Spanish specialist in overweight veterans raise big questions. Winter transfers could not really solve the Torpedo problem with attackers. Another proof of this is the appearance of Lebedenko in the starting lineup. Felipe can’t mobilize himself in any way, Jadja is generally lost on the bench, and it wasn’t until Reina that he really improved the team’s play – but he is primarily good at team play, not as a pure centre-forward.

But the main reason why we want to bet on the under in this match is its huge importance in the fight for survival and the huge cost of a mistake for the future tournament prospects of both teams. With every goal scored, the team that takes the lead starts to dry up in a way Atlético Diego Simeone didn’t in their best years.