Dimitrov was knocked out of the draw after the third round of the 2023 Australian Open, however, it cannot be said that the Bulgarian performed poorly in Melbourne. But Dimitrov was unlucky with the seeding, as Grigor’s opponent in the third round was Novak Djokovic, the future winner of the tournament and the most decorated tennis player in the history of AO. By the way, in our opinion, it was Grigor who became the most difficult opponent for Djokovic, despite the fact that the Serb defeated the Bulgarian in three matches. Before the match with Novak, Dimitrov easily defeated Karatsev and Gyore. We haven’t seen Dimitrov on the court since January 21. Dimitrov has not won tournaments for a long time, but it is worth noting that the Bulgarian has triumphed in three tournaments in his career: Stockholm, Sofia and the Final.

After the defeat in Melbourne, Karatsev saw a tournament in Montpellier, where Aslan also suffered a defeat, losing in the first round in three sets to compatriot Djokovic Krajnovic. But in Rotterdam, luck favors Karatsev, Aslan won the qualifications, eliminating Dutchman Potiodikromo and Austrian Rodionov from the tournament. In 2021, Karatsev won the first indur of his career as part of an ATP tournament, a competition in Moscow.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Grigor Dimitrov 29 5 3 2
Aslan Karatsev 95 8 5 3

Dimitrov and Karatsev played each other three times, 2:1 in favor of the Bulgarian, this is the result of the confrontation. Karatsev won his match at the 2021 Australian Open. Dimitrov then got his revenge at the San Diego tournament and took the lead in the feud by defeating Aslan in Melbourne in 2023.

Karacev has an advantage in the form of training on the courts in Rotterdam, because Aslan has already played two qualifying matches here, and we have not seen Dimitrov from Melbourne. But the Bulgarian’s tone is extremely important here, if Grigor maintained his form from the Australian Open, and we believe that, despite the excellent composition of the tournament in Rotterdam, Dimitrov can fight for the title. In our opinion, Dimitrov will go through the first round as confidently as he once went through the first round of AO-2023. We offer the following betting options for the match Dimitrov – Karatsev:

The main prediction is Dimitrov’s victory with a handicap (-2.5) at 1.65