We haven’t seen Gurkacz in action since the Australian Open, where the Pole reached the fourth round, where he lost to the American Korda in five matches. Before losing to Korda, Hubert knocked out Spaniard Martinez Portero, Italian Sony and Canadian Shapovalov. Three of the four matches played by the Pole in Melbourne were five-set. Note that Gurki won two indurs in his career, the Challenger in Brest and the ATP in Metz.

Like Hubert, Roberto reached the fourth round of AO-2023, knocked out Portuguese Souza, American Holt and British Murray, but lost to Paul in 4 sets. After the Australian Open, Roberto Bautista-Agut played a match at the tournament in Montpellier, where he was weaker than the Frenchman Fils. Bautista-Agut has won one indur, but in 2016 the Spaniard won the tournament in Sofia. On hard Roberto regularly triumphed, but not on indur.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Hubert Gurkacz 10 8 5 3
Roberto Bautista-Agut 24 eleven 7 4

Gurki and Bautista-Agut played each other three times on hard ground, but never crossed paths on Indura. All personal meetings were won by the Spaniard, they also did not intersect at the Majors, two out of three matches, moreover, two of these extreme matches were to 3 sets.

Bautista-Agut has a great track record in hardcover. Roberto is one of the few Spaniards who play better on blue than on turf, but turf is more difficult for the Pyreneans than playing on open ground. On Induras, the serve is more important than on open courts and if Hubert is good at putting the ball into the game, the initial advantage will be on the side of the Pole, which can be seen in the line. At the same time, we doubt that Hubert will have an easy fight, the Spaniard is an inconvenient opponent for Gurki, which is clearly visible in the statistics of personal meetings. We are waiting for a prolonged match in which the Pole will win.

The main prediction is that Gurki will win at the odds of 1.65