Lance’s victory

Toulouse’s style of play is based on energy-intensive pressing (ppda = 9.9 – 4th) in high positions. However, in this meeting, “violet” will have obvious problems in this component. Just 72 hours have passed since its first ever Coupe de France victory, beating Nantes 5-1 in the final. Such a significant event will of course affect the physical state, but even more so the mental state of the players, who will find it difficult to tune in to the upcoming meeting.

Lance far surpasses his current opponent in both gameplay and motivation. Frank Heise’s side are battling with Marseille for second place in the table. At the same time, in terms of the expected number of goals scored (xg = 56.5) and conceded (xga = 35.1), it ranks 4th and 1st in the league, respectively. The only thing that could prevent the Blood Golds from scoring maximum points in this match is a possible underestimation of the opponent and the absence of the main defensive midfielder Salis Abdul Samed.

Under the circumstances, I don’t expect much resistance from an outsider. I expect the more motivated and “fresh” “Lance” to take a landslide victory.