Total below 2.5

Fakel is one of the contenders for relegation to the second division. After 19 rounds, the team is 14th in the common zone, and the loss to the defending 12th line is 5 points.

In terms of expected goals scored (xg = 1.05) and conceded (xga = 1.73), the Keeners are 4th and 3rd from the bottom, respectively.

After the resumption of the RPL, Fakel scored only 1 point thanks to the draw with Khimki (1:1), and in the final match he could have taken points from Spartak (2:3), but missed the decisive goal in the 87th minute.

Sochi underwent fundamental changes during the winter training camp. Kurban Berdyev, who was able to organize the team’s game very well, became the new coach. Barca began to play more organized and cohesive, which is confirmed by the first match after the break against CSKA (2-0), in which they won a “dry” victory.

However, in the final match, Sochi was unexpectedly beaten by Orenburg (0:4), but this is more an unfortunate coincidence than a system. After all, in this game Berdiev’s wards defeated the opponent in xg (1.7:0.9).

Fakel will try to impose power on football. For example, in the match against Khimki (1: 1), 40 fouls were committed for two, and the passing accuracy was only 58%.

I think that imposing such a pragmatic style on Sochi will not be difficult. I expect a close match with some sharp moments.