Indium. Total in Girona over 1.5

Girona, who were due to be knocked out of La Liga at the start of the season, have already managed to move up to 8th in the Spanish Championship table. Now the same “prophets” are already saying that this team can jump to places in the European Cup, at least in the 6th place. In the last two rounds, Girona beat rivals such as Real Madrid and Sevilla. It is worth noting that Girona plays even stronger and more effectively at home.

And for Mallorca, matches abroad are very unsuccessful. Yes, Mallorca sometimes scores goals in away games, but that’s not always enough for a positive end result. In the last ten trips, Mallorca has celebrated just one win with seven defeats. Also noteworthy is the poor game of the visitors – less than one goal per game.

The hosts have Castellanos, Tsygankov, Riquelme in great shape… Besides, Girona’s home games are impressive. The stake is therefore at least two goals scored by the hosts.