Handicap Sampdoria (+1)

Udinese is a playing team that scores points on its own and allows opponents to differ. Creates an average of 1.28 xg per match, with 1.34 xg allowed. This approach does not contribute to stability, but it was enough to stay in Serie A for another season. After 33 rounds, “black and white” are 12th in the table with 45 points.

In the upcoming match, Udinese will most likely be left without Deulofeu (2+6), Success (1+6), Beto (10+1) and Udoji (3+4).

Sampdoria are currently the worst team in Serie A. They have only 17 points and the goal difference (-39) is the lowest in the league. Of course, the Mariners have already come to terms with relegation to the second division and will play the rest of the season without pressure. In the penultimate match they suffered the biggest defeat in the current season with Fiorentina (0: 5). It is worth noting that after this, the team was still able to show a positive response. In the last round with Torino (0:2) she maintained the intrigue until the very end and only the goal lost in the 94th minute crossed out the final.

In this match, Udinese will practically bleed out in attack, which Sampdoria can take advantage of.