Both will shoot – no

Lecce is one of the Serie A outsiders who have played in the last 5 matchdays with an aggregate score of 0:7. Such a streak led to the team’s relegation to 16th place in the table and reducing the gap to the relegation zone to 8 points.

Marco Baroni’s team is focused mainly on defending. On average, she allows 1.13 xg per game, which is comparable to Milan’s results, but in attack she has a noticeable lack of creativity. In terms of expected goals (xg = 0.8), the Paprikans are last in Serie A.

Napoli are one of the best teams not only in Italy but also in Europe. In terms of the number of points scored (71) after 28 rounds, it is second only to Barcelona (72). In Serie A, the Azzurri almost secured the Scudetto, beating Lazio by 16 points. Such a gap has a devastating effect on the motivation of players. However, due to the crushing defeat of the “Neapolitans” in the last matchday against Milan (0: 4) Spalletti will probably find the right words to encourage the players.

The only thing that can save Lecce in this match is a possible rotation of the favorites before the Champions League match and the absence of Osimen (21+4).

I assume that Lecce will continue to act in its own way, playing from the “bus”. At the same time, a possible reshuffle in the Napoli line-up may lead to a decrease in the productivity of the favorite in the last period. I expect a close match with a minimum of moments.