Netherlands win with handicap (-6)

Despite the fact that the Netherlands played a very strong France, a 4-0 loss is too much, especially if you are one of the contenders for promotion from the group. And even this humiliating defeat for the French does not rule out the task of the Netherlands leaving the group, and to knock this team out of the fight, the whole group will have to try very hard. It is known that at home the Netherlands will beat Gibraltar in one fell swoop. Rehabilitation after the humiliating defeat in the first round has not been canceled yet, and the more the Rotterdam audience will demand more and more from their players. And as for the opponent in the face of the Gibraltar team, it is safe to say that he is the supplier of points for absolutely every team in this group. That is why they bet on a certain victory for the Netherlands, which, in addition to everything, must now make a decent goal difference after the Paris fiasco, and Ronald Koeman’s players understand it perfectly.