Poland to win with handicap (-1.5)

In the first match, the Polish team defeated the Czech team 3:1. In that match, the Poles scored two quick goals into their own net in the first five minutes and could not come to their senses before the final whistle. A very serious blow in the debut of the Portuguese coach of Poles. Even Robert Lewandowski could not do anything against the Czechs, although in La Liga he shows a good game. Now the match takes place in Warsaw, where the hosts will do everything possible and impossible to get out of the last round in their group.

For Albania it will be the first match in group E. And in this group Albania is the third favorite after the Czech Republic and Poland. Albania’s last fourteen matches in all competitions have seen only two victories – a 2-0 friendly against Armenia and a 1-0 World Cup qualifier against Andorra. Therefore, taking into account Poland’s offensive defeat in the first round, it can be safely assumed that the hosts are eager for a rematch, especially since the stakes are high and Fernando’s players cannot lose or even draw Santos in this match.