Iceland win with handicap (-2)

Liechtenstein, as expected, practically could not face Portugal in the first round (0:4), which is eloquently indicated by the expected goals scored (0.03: 4.02). For the national team, it was the 11th defeat in a row in all competitions, with the exception of friendlies. The team’s level of play is so low that a shot on goal is an event for them.

In the qualifiers for the previous World Cup, the red and blue team finished last in the group with a goal difference of 2:34.

Iceland, of course, hoped for a sensation in their debut match against Bosnia and Herzegovina (0: 3), but it was not to come true. All plans for the match were thwarted by Krunic’s quick goal in the 14th minute.

The Vikings had more possession of the ball, but they could not use it in the form of sharp moments. Often the team was disappointed by the slow pace of the game and the lack of creativity in the last period. On the other hand, a match against such a more qualified opponent revealed many more problems, the solution of which will significantly reduce the likelihood of a sensation in the next match.

I expect a positive reaction from the Icelandic team and their more aggressive play in the last third of the pitch.