Slovenia wins with a handicap (-3.5)

The Slovenes had a great debut against Kazakhstan (2:1), which caused them problems in the first half. However, the “plaid army” showed willingness and perseverance and won the victory through sheer willpower. After a weak first half, it accelerated in the second half of the meeting, and the hero of the match was the debutant of the national team – Jean Vipotnik.

A victory in such a difficult match significantly increases Slovenia’s chances of fighting for the second line of the group, and also gives the players confidence.

San Marino can place the first game in the treasury of its achievements. The national team lost to Northern Ireland by only 2 goals (0:2), and in the 67th minute they even managed to open the opponent’s defence. However, there was no sensation, the video assistant intervened and canceled the goal.

Overall, Blue and White have a good chance of losing in the next tournament. In the Nations League and the qualifiers for the last World Cup, they lost all matches of their groups with a goal difference of 0:9 and 1:46 respectively. The national team cannot score in 18 away games in all competitions. The last time she opened an account was in 2017 in a match against Azerbaijan (1:5).

I think Slovenia will easily beat one of the main outsiders of recent years.