The last goal from the 69th to the 90th minute – yes

Rome is at an impasse. On the one hand, he must maintain the momentum in the championship to not lose his place in the Champions League zone, and on the other hand, he must bounce back after losing to Feyenoord (0: 1) in the quarter-finals of the Europa League. I suspect Mourinho will focus on the rematch in the Netherlands as his championship rivals Inter and Milan are also in European competition.

It is worth noting that in terms of expected goals scored (xg = 1.55) and conceded (xga = 0.78), the Romans rank 5th and 1st respectively. However, due to the possible rotation, we can expect a worsening of the balance.

Udinese is a playing team, it conducts active offensive actions itself and allows its opponents to do so. This is eloquently evidenced by the indicators of expected threats created (xT = 1.4) and released (xTA = 1.41) within 90 minutes. After 29 rounds, the “black and white” scored 39 points and placed at the equator of the table. The presence of low motivation by the end of the season can lead to the most unexpected results of the team due to the increased number of experiments with composition and tactics.

It is worth noting that Udinese does not avoid home and scores the same number of points as at home.

As things stand, I think Mourinho will save the main attackers early in the game, but will likely let them play in the last 15 minutes to keep the tone of the game. I’m expecting a late goal.