Fils missed this week, he did not move to the Netherlands but stayed in France after Montpellier to prepare for the tournament in Marseille. Which is quite logical, especially considering that Fils is French. So, the Fils tournament in Montpellier started with the round of 16, eliminated Gasquet, Bautista-Agut and Ghali, lost in the semi-finals to Yannick Sinner in two matches, and Sinner eventually won this tournament. Before the indur in Montpellier, Fils reached the final indur-Challenger in Quimper, where he was weaker than Barrera. It is clear that Fils is in perfect order with the current tone. Incidentally, in 2023, the 18-year-old talent has already won one Indoor Challenger in Portugal.

For Safiullin, the tournament in Marseille will be the third round of the season. First, Roman played in German Koblenz, where he reached the semi-finals, but lost to Pospisil. Then Safiullin did not get into the main draw of Rotterdam. First, Roman defeated Elias Ymer, then lost in the qualifier final to his brother Mikael. And now for the third start and frankly not the most successful draw given the Frenchman’s recent results and Safiullin’s already existing loss to Fils in March 2022.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Artur Fils 117 14 12 2
Roman Safiullin 83 13 9 4

Fils and Safiullin played one match against each other in the round of 16 of the Challenger in Lille in 2022. Then Fils was 17 years old at all, and in a year the guy decently added. This fight ended with the victory of Fils with the score 6:2, 7:6, the match lasted one hour and 36 minutes.

A large part of the pair is on the side of Arthur Fils. First, Fils beat Safiullin at a tournament in Lille last year. Secondly, Artur performs in his country, and the support of the audience will certainly be on his side. Thirdly, Fils at the beginning of the 2023 season looks very good, Arthur reached the final of the tournament in Quimper, eliminated Gasquet and Bautista-Aguta with a tie in Montpellier, where he finally played in the semi-final. The novel cannot boast of such results even close. We believe that the Frenchman has a good chance of advancing to the second round of Marseille Indura.

The main prediction is Phils winning at 1.78 odds