In Rotterdam, Aslan snapped a three-game losing streak, but the Russian didn’t make it past the first round of the main draw, losing in what we expected to Grigor Dimitrov in two sets. Unfortunately, although Aslan is definitely not a competitor for the Bulgarian now, Grigor overtook Karatsev without problems in less than an hour. Aslan won only four games in a duel. Karatsev stats against Dimitrov: 1/2 ace/double, 61%/40% serve points, 5%/39% reception, 8/20 winners/executors. The stat of actively earned points/faults is phenomenal with a minus sign, you can see that Karatsev’s current tone is very weak.

Kubler took a set from Khachanov at the Australian Open before knocking out Baes in three sets. After Melbourne, Kubler took almost a month off and only returned to the Challenger in Bahrain last week for the Manama tournament. In Manama, the Australian reached the quarter-finals, defeating Tavalha and Michalski, but losing to Shelbaihu Jordan. A bit of a strange result and the match as a whole, considering that this Schelbaich is only the 399th racket in the world. But who doesn’t have bad days?

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Aslan Karatsev 98 9 5 4
Jason Kubler 79 9 6 3

Kubler is nowhere near the top of tennis, but the Aussie’s recent results are better than Karatsev’s, so we agree with the bookmakers that Jason is the logical favorite for this pairing. Karatsev played very poorly in the main draw in Rotterdam, but here it is worth paying tribute to Dimitrov, who is currently in good form, despite Medvedev’s one-goal loss. We’re on Jason’s side in this pairing, we won’t be surprised if Kubler beats Karatsev in two games.

The main prediction is that Kubler will win at 1.77 odds