Espanyol to score – Yes

The Madrid club didn’t play in the Champions League this week, so there was enough time to recover, and besides, after 5-2 in England, Real Madrid are unlikely to save energy and sacrifice the championship game for answers – the result going to the quarter-finals looks doomed. And so in the match against Espanyol, which, although it is ranked 13th. “The fight for the championship.

The hosts have conceded in 15 of their 19 home matches this season, so I would look at Espanyol scoring. First of all, the guests are very motivated, because every point scored can ultimately decide in the fight for survival. Secondly, the Catalan club have scored in 13 of their last 14 matches and have only left the pitch twice this season.

Yes, Espanyol haven’t scored in Madrid in a championship since 2014, but every streak comes to an end. For 1.95 you can definitely give it a try.