Total over 3

Sassuolo plays upright, dynamic football with an emphasis on attacking. This style allows the team to create an average of 1.25 xg with 1.35 xg allowed. The Blacks and Greens struggled with an imbalance in the game throughout the season. Of course, sometimes it is possible to find the perfect ratio of created sharpness to risk, as in the matches against Milan (5-2) or Atalanta (1-0) on the 20th and 21st rounds. But it happens very rarely.

In the last 5 games, Sassuolo won 3 with 1 draw and a loss against Napoli (0:2), which proves that the players are well prepared functionally.

Most likely, Berardi (4+4), who is at the forefront of contributing to the team’s offensive actions, will leave the match, but that is unlikely to be a problem as Loriente (4+3) will return.

In addition, the main defender, Tolyan, is questionable.

Cremonese caused a sensation in the last game. For the first time in the season, the team won a Serie A title, thanks to which they managed to climb from last place to a higher position. Roma played the role of the loser (2:1), which had already lost with the same result as the “gray-reds”, but only in the cup.

It is worth noting that the team began to develop under the leadership of Ballardini, who took over as head coach on January 15. However, the loss of 8 points to 17th place is too big to regain them before the end of the season.

Due to the high probability of relegation, which is 94.9% (according to Opta), the team began to behave more freely, which only worked out for them.

The participation of main defensive midfielder Charles Pikel and his potential successor Castagnetti is in doubt for the upcoming game.

Only 1 time has the team played without a nominal defensive midfielder this season. It happened in the 7th round when Cremonese lost to Lazio (0:4) and the total xg was 4.4.

Under these circumstances, I expect a productive match with lots of goals.