Indium. Total Platense over 1

Center of Barracas

Barracas Central didn’t start the season well. In the first 10 rounds, the club scored only 9 points and conceded the most goals (16) in the league. Rodolfo de Paoli’s team is approaching the upcoming game on a 5-match winless streak, having lost the last two with a devastating result. The offenders were Boca Juniors (0:3) and Talleres Cordoba (0:3).

Even the home field ratio does not help truckers compete with most clubs in the league.


Platense is much more successful. The team scored 16 points, losing only 2 games out of 10, which allowed them to climb to 7th place in the table. On the eve of this meeting, “squids” won 3 times in a row, beating “Defens and Justicia” (1:0), “Banfield” (2:0) and “Instituto” (1:0) in succession.

It is worth noting that under the leadership of Martin Palermo, the team tries to play mainly in attack and does not care about solidity in defense. For example, in the last match against Instituto (1-0), Platense was able to create 2.04 xg with 0.91 xg allowed. At the same time, in none of the 10 matches did the club leave without scoring a goal.


I suspect Platense will take advantage of Barracas’ loss of form and open the defense at least once.