Total below 2.5


Boavista is a typical home team. At home, she scored 72% of the points and scored 65% of the goals.

“Chess” pays special attention to defending own goals. They are in the top five in terms of expected goals conceded excluding set pieces (xga = 15.56). But over-involvement in defense takes a toll on the quality of your attacking game. In terms of expected goals (xg = 17.6), Armando Petit’s team ranks 5th from the bottom.

On the eve of this meeting, Boavista lost only 2 games out of 5.

Casa Pia

Casa Pia uses a similar concept. The team gives the initiative to the opponent and tries to catch him in a counterattack. In terms of time per possession (7.4 seconds) and assists (2.87) during this time, the “geese” are 4th and 5th from the bottom, respectively.

Recently, the reliable defense of Casa Pia began to fail her. This is evidenced by the defeats against Estoril (0:2) and Gil Vicente (1:3). The apogee was the departure from the Portuguese Cup in the 1/8 finals of the team from the second division – Nacional (2: 5 ET). It is worth considering that in this match the red cards of the two central defenders played a big role.


Both teams prefer not to push things and use a waiting tactic. Proof of this is their fewest returns of possession within 40 yards of an opponent’s goal in the league.

I expect a boring, ineffective match.