Krasnodar Handicap (0)

The new knockout format gives teams on the so-called RPL path an extra “life” within this tournament, which somewhat deprives the matches of the real cup tension, where a single defeat can deprive you of the chance to win the coveted trophy.

After a certain victory in Moscow (3:0), the army can even afford some rotation, although we are not sure whether Fedotov will use it extensively. But one way or another, CSKA has some problems in defense due to the injuries of Diveev and Zainutdinov.

Krasnodar has nothing to lose but the respect of the fans, so the Bulls will definitely be aiming for a win – even if not a big one – that would take them back. CSKA will have to travel to Krasnodar by train, which may also affect the fitness and motivation of individual players who are not used to long journeys overland.