Both will shoot – no

In the first round, Manchester United beat the opposition 2-1, it was not yet the mighty Manchester United we see now, and Liverpool still had the strength they had in the previous championship. Before that, Liverpool had beaten the Red Devils three times in the Premier League with an aggregate score of 13-2. As you can see, the game of these teams is very impressive, so in the upcoming match everyone is waiting for another extravagance of points. But I will go against the trend and expect an unproductive match here, or at least one team will be goalless.

In addition to such a bet, the statistics of Liverpool’s last 7 matches in the Premier League – both opponents have never scored in this series. What’s more, in the previous 4 matches, Liverpool won 3 dry runs and 1 goalless draw. The team has clearly strengthened their defense and can hold off Rashford and his company.