Total below 2.5

Lyon could only take 9th place in the table over the distance of 25 match days. Despite this, the chances of European cups are still slim, but you have to win every game. The team is 8 points behind the 5th line.

In the last 5 matches, the “weavers” won 3 with 1 draw and a loss to Auxerre (1:2).

In terms of defense quality (xga = 1.22), the Lions rank 3rd, but lack creativity in front of goal. In terms of expected goals scored (xg = 1.54), they are at the Ligue 1 average.

In the next match we will have to do without the best scorer – Lacazette (14+4).

Lorient prefers to play as number two with only 45.3% possession. He realizes his offensive potential with explosive counter-attacks. In terms of the direct speed with which the ball travels towards the opponent’s goal, hake ranks 5th in Ligue 1.

On average per game, the team generates 1.23 xg, with 1.57 xg allowed (5th from bottom).

In the winter transfer window, the club’s leading attackers Mofi (12+0) and Ouattara (6+6) left the club.

I think under these circumstances you can take a chance and bet below the total. In the first round match between these teams, the coefficient for tm 2.5 was around 2.30, but then Lacazette (14+4), Mofi (12+0) and Ouattara (6+6) came into play. In their absence, the quotes for this market fell by 0.15, which in my opinion is not enough with such losses.