Indium. Ireland total over 2


The Irish national team is a head taller than its opponent. The team has a good defense that is a symbiosis of talent and experience in Nathan Collins and John Egan. Josh Cullen works in the support zone, he spends his best season at Burnley. The hope of the national team will shine in attack – Evan Ferguson (3+2), who scored 5 spectacular actions in the Premier League in 465 minutes.

In the previous two friendly matches, the “green army” did not look very confident against Malta (1:0) and Norway (1:2). The upcoming meeting, however, is a test meeting, which means the team will try to do their best.


Latvia is a much more modest team that often struggles even at regional level. Nevertheless, it is worth noting the qualitative improvement of the results in recent years. For example, in the League of Nations, “Burgundy” managed to move up from the last league to the penultimate, overtaking Moldova in additional indicators. However, such a small progress is unlikely to affect the upcoming Euro qualifiers, which will most likely end in failure.

The composition of the Latvian national team is mainly represented by national championship players, and its transfer fee is 11 times lower than that of Ireland.


In the test match, Ireland is bound to show their maximum. I think the outsider will be crushed.