Urals with disabilities (0)

I can’t imagine Ural losing in this match. At the end of the first part of the season, cup matches and the beginning of the second part of RPL Ural makes a very strong impression. The team is well prepared, besides, the staff situation is good in the club and now Ural, for me, is a head above the Torpedo team, which scored points in Krasnodar. But in this match, I am inclined to believe that Krasnodar gave the victory by playing disgustingly in several episodes in defense. Torpedo, on the other hand, managed to create little up front and looked weak in defense, even when they took the lead and could play defense. I think that Ural with their current form will have a clear advantage in this match. Ural’s best result in the RPL is 8th place; with this lineup and this kind of play, they are able to improve on this achievement.